Taste Ecstasy: What San Diego is Hiding


Food is great. Everyone likes to eat good food. In a new city, the question always arises: where is the best sushi? And where to celebrate a birthday? Where to go for Friday night dinner with friends?

San Diego isn’t just about beaches, nature and climate. San Diego is also delicious. Unfortunately, not everywhere. Because, frankly speaking, the level of restaurants in Europe is an order of magnitude higher than in the US. But despite this, America can be magical.

The first thing that is important to note is that tastes are very subjective. Today we’re going to talk to you about the AvocadoWave Team’s favorite places.

For lovers of oysters, urban vibe, and a little bit of loft, there’s Ironside Fish & Oyster (1654 India St, San Diego, $). It’s beautiful, tasty, and a little noisy. Perfect for a get-together with friends, but not very romantic if you’re planning an important date.

For those who are nostalgic or just want to introduce their American friends to Georgian and Russian cuisine, Pomegranate (2312 El Cajon Blv, San Diego; $). Friends, there’s great Adjari khachapuri there. And shish kebab. And the prices don’t bite. There’s borscht and pancakes. So it’s not exactly Georgian-Georgian restaurant, but it’s not worse.

Asian cuisine – very cool. Good Asian food is a delight. We found a place that makes perfect Ramen and some cosmic baked mussels: Zip Fusion (11130 E Ocean Air Dr, San Diego; $). Specifically this place, we recommend it more for delivery rather than eating at the establishment. Then again, it’s Corona now, and almost any establishment doesn’t have much to sit in.

Sushi!!! Everyone loves sushi! There’s great sushi at Whole Foods, but here’s one if you want to get right out and sit in an establishment – Sushi Fish Attack (4575 Clairmont Dr, San Diego; $). It’s a small sushi bar, but everything is fresh and the service is on par.

Red Lobster (there are many addresses, so Google it; $). The perfect restaurant for seafood lovers. Suitable for any occasion. And yes, if you order the lobster, get a cute paper apron. The portions there are highly immodest, so order carefully. We love this place.

Brunch overlooking the ocean with dolphins swimming somewhere in the distance. This is your reality. Welcome to Caroline’s Seaside Cafe (8610 Kennel Way, La Jolla; $). On the downside: you’ll likely have to wait in line to get in, as the place is very popular. On the plus side: ocean views, delicious food at totally affordable prices.

For fish lovers. A chain restaurant with the best Fish and Chips (very generous portions): California Fish Grill (addresses galore; $). They grill fish well. Nice place. Not great for a formal occasion.

Enough fish. It’s time to bring up the meat! Brazilian Steakhouse: Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse (668 Sixth Ave, San Diego; $). Salad bar, huge selection of succulent meats, and high level of service. A great place for any occasion. If you choose the unlimited option, don’t settle for everything they bring you, but wait for the most delicious. Or you’ll burst before your time. Also ask the waiter what kinds of meat should be ordered. Because not everything that is available is carried around the room.

A new take on classic seafood dishes, professional chefs. Alaskan king crab, lobster mashed potatoes, sea bass in miso glaze and much more. Truluck’s (8990 University Center Ln, San Diego; $) is a fine-dining restaurant. It’s beautiful, with live music. You’ll feel incredibly welcome. Yes, the prices are above average. But if there’s a special occasion, you’ll be satisfied.

The final chord is the Michelin-starred Addison Restaurant (5200 Grand Del Mar Way, San Diego; $). It feels like a fairy tale in an ancient castle. The food is art. Everything is unusual, there are classics and molecular cuisine. There is no menu in its classic sense. There are conditionally 2 courses (each course has several dishes, including appetizers and desserts). A restaurant of this level is a culinary journey. It is in no way a place where you pop in, eat something and run away. Of the surprises (besides the prices): there is a dress code. So if your occasion is grand, this is the grandest restaurant in town.