Authentic Dishes and Delicacies, Where to go for Dinner


There are more than two thousand gastronomic establishments in San Diego, and it can be said without a doubt that the city has restaurants of all popular culinary trends. Fans of Japanese treats will like the restaurant Sushi Ota, suitable dishes here can choose both economical tourists and lovers of rare delicacies. As you can guess from the name, the restaurant’s specialty is sushi, and the Sushi Ota menu is updated several times a season.

A typical national institution is Kono’s cafe, here you can enjoy fragrant hamburgers, order original salads and favorite soft drinks. One of the main advantages of the cafe is its attractive price level, an excellent lunch with drinks will cost guests no more than 10 USD. Not far from the coast is the famous café Hodad’s, which also offers a wide range of national cuisine.

The prices here are a bit higher than in the previous institution, but a great compensation for the additional costs will be a cordial and cheerful atmosphere, the cafe welcomes guests until late in the evening. Fans of meat dishes will not find a better place for rest than Cowboy Star restaurant. The choice of treats here is huge, and prices always remain at an attractive level. The specialties are distinguished not only by impeccable taste qualities, but also by interesting artistic design.

There are also excellent pizzerias in the city, the most popular of which is Basic. Its regular customers are not only fans of the popular Italian treat, but also vegetarians; the choice of vegetable dishes in Basic is very large. Spacious and beautifully decorated in a modern style, the hall will be a great place to relax with a large company. The Mission restaurant specializes in Mexican cuisine, its menu is sure to impress fans of “hotter” dishes.

In the morning an excellent breakfast is served for visitors, in the afternoon guests can order excellent set lunches, and in the evenings it is time for tasting specialties. Those who are partial to Italian cuisine will love the picturesque restaurant Bella Italia. Here you can order excellent risotto and pasta, interesting seafood dishes and delicious Italian wines for an attractive price. There is a suitable place of rest in San Diego for barbecue lovers, Phil’s BBQ restaurant is waiting for visitors every evening.

San Diego is one of the most popular tourist cities in the world, so today there are restaurants of various directions. Those who want to get acquainted with the peculiarities of classic Californian cuisine should pay attention to restaurants of this specificity. The formation of regional cuisine was greatly influenced by Mexico, and it is not surprising that even today one of the most popular dishes among the locals are taco tortillas. Most often they are prepared with fish and other seafood fillings, and popular Mexican spices are used to prepare the dish.

The local cuisine is also characterized by the active use of seafood, with excellent grilled fish, shrimp with various sauces and shellfish, and in upscale restaurants you can taste rare sea delicacies. Burgers are the most popular snack for locals, and fans of this popular “fast” dish can try a special kind of burger called the “In & Out Burger”.

Some cafes and restaurants in San Diego prepare a special kind of burger, the bun for which is baked from recycled wheat pasta. The flavor of the familiar dish turns out to be very unusual. Vietnamese cuisine is very popular among locals, which has become very popular in recent years. In Vietnamese restaurants you should definitely try the soup “Pho”, which is cooked with noodles, in the homeland of this dish it is considered therapeutic.

Another must-try dish in San Diego is the burrito. Hundreds of variations of it are prepared in local restaurants, the dish is a round crispy tortilla filled with meat, seafood or vegetables. This now-popular dish also has Mexican roots, and you can try it in literally any local restaurant or café.

The locals consider carne asada to be their main regional dish, and it is believed that its recipe was invented in San Diego. The name of the dish literally translates as “grilled beef”, which fully reflects its essence. In local restaurants, juicy beef cooked over an open fire is usually served with an impressive portion of crispy fries. The meat is marinated before cooking, so it has a unique flavor.